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Friday, March 28, 2008

Derby Cathedral Peregrine Falcons nesting

We're like a bunch of expectant Father's around the office at the moment after receiving an alert that the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Falcons have not only nested, but also just laid an egg - we're expecting another egg very soon. - How exciting!

The chicks from last year have apparently been tracked to our own town of Belper, where they are currently nesting in the old mill building (apparently).

There's a great webcam on the Derby Cathedral so do stop by and check out the chicks and mum and dad of course.

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Click here to visit the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Falcon webcam.

1 comment:

Taylor Blue said...

Ha Ha...this is you!! I wondered who was at my blog. I have had that feed up most of the day on that bird. My son loved watching it... :)