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About Us

During the Summer of 2010, Mandy (proprietor of Fabulous Photo Gifts) suffered severe health problems with her eyesight which meant she was no longer able to process customers photography or continue hand printing her range of photo gifts.

Despite hopes that her condition would get better during the Summer months, this didn't happen and regrettably she was forced to shut Fabulous Photo Gifts permanently.

So you'll notice this blog revert back to its former direction of social networking tutorials and blog design hints and tips.

In addition, we've also teamed up with our old friends The Chocolate Trading Co to bring you some exciting offers on their range of premium chocolates that you can order online.

Check our offers page for the latest if you're a lover of chocolate (and lets face it who isn't?).

Regards and thank you.
The Fabulous Photo Gifts team.
Oct 2010.