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Friday, June 05, 2009

I'm communicating - part 2 (seo article)

Why create your own fantasy 'Desert Island Discs' iPod playlist?

When I first came across Tumblr - I thought "Wow - what an amazing platform - now how can I use it?"

The answer didn't come quickly I'll admit. I knew I wanted to do something special with this social sharing platform - something that I could tie-in to forwarding interested visitors to this blog and the Fabulous Photo Gifts website.

Initially I used it as another platform where I posted blog headlines - not very inspiring.

Around this time I was hoping to get an iPhone (contractual ties meant it would be Christmas before I actually got one) but in he meantime I decided it would be great to start compiling my own 'fantasy' playlist - songs I'd want on my iPod/iPhone.

And so it began.

OK so I haven't always been able to post every single day and some days I get carried away and feature a double bill for my visitors delight. But on the whole, I have managed at least one track pretty much every day - a proud achievement.

Of course it's all very well doing these things but if you don't tell anyone and nobody see's it then what's the point? Well admittedly, I haven't been too worried about traffic to (or from) the Tumblr account - it's become a personal obsession to keep it going - at least for a full 12 months and I've seriously enjoyed hunting down the music and videos I've shared.

Then came Twitter. Suddenly the perfect platform to post a quick 'Tweet' advertising that days music choice.

Believe it or not, I have now developed one or two followers and even get the very odd comment when someone thanks me for reminding them of a particular band or song. Most are '80's tracks (the soundtrack of my young adult life) but because my music tastes are so varied, there's classical to Meatloaf, film scores to adverts in the mix.

The point of all this? I'm communicating - reaching out and extending a hand to all who are interested to share a song or a memory. If music be the food of love - play on.

Catch up with my daily selection at: http://fabulousphotogifts.tumblr.com or follow us on Twitter and I'll tweet whenever I post a new song (which is usually daily).

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photo credit: backpackerben

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