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Friday, August 25, 2006

Article - You, Google and Purple 13 - it's all about trust

Earlier today, I read a very interesting article that talked about Google rankings being affected by sites that Google felt it could trust, much as a visitor to a site will be able to rely on the content and goods or services that site sells. Here’s how Purple 13 has worked to establish that trust with its customers, visitors (and Google).

Firstly, Purple 13 has been fully online since 2003, during which time the site has developed from a simple click and display of Mandy Collins artworks to a full online shopping experience. New artworks are always being completed and added and the number now available to view and purchase online via the website is over 500.

In addition, our ever popular News Page carries all the news of new artworks, prominent sales and international sales, website amendments and art news from her two High St galleries at Heanor and Belper in Derbsyhire.

To help keep visitors informed, the long running Purple 13 News service was recently extended to include an RSS feed that is updated at least every week and our latest service – this Blog, which receives regular daily updates and provides a useful portal for visitors to leave their comments or questions for Mandy or her Web Team. As and when we get questions, in addition to replying personally, we’ll post them (minus any individual’s information) and their reply for future visitors – search this Blog for FAQ to view all.

Purple 13 has also invested in state of the art secure servers and hosting through Price Engines Ltd and the addition of an 0845 local call rate telephone number.

A recent spell of Google Adwords campaign and various advertising campaigns in prominent home style magazines like Living Etc and Location, Location, Location magazine which will start in September and run till Christmas all point towards an artist whose work and website will be visible for a very long time to come.

The Purple 13 web design team are constantly tweaking and refining the Purple 13 online art experience for visitors including helpful new graphics and banners to help visitors get the most from their visit and make their purchase as easy as possible.

Mandy has also made her work available for licenced commercial use via respected image portals – Alamy, Fotolibra and Photographers Direct and in addition to her artworks, has over 500 other quality stock photographs that sell the world over. In particular, her artworks have been licenced for commercial use from South Korea to America to the Czech Republic.

Links from respected online companies and directories feature on their own Links Page with many being personally known to Mandy. Names like The Chocolate Trading Company, NSYS Online and Homesources and a full listing of the international countries Mandy’s art has sold in along with a list of present and previous advertisement carriers and exhibitions that have featured Purple 13 works.

Finally, her work has won critical acclaim and her winning of a Novartis Visions-of -Science award in 2005, judged by a panel of leading Fleet Street photographers and Editors surely places her work at the very highest levels of integrity.

As you can see, Purple 13 has, and continues, to work very hard at creating a website that visitors feel comfortable buying from. Mandy welcomes any correspondence by email, phone or post prior to any purchase or information request. Mandy wants you to be happy with your final purchase and get many years of stimulation and enjoyment from it, as much as she has enjoyed creating each and every individual work of art.

The Purple 13 Web Team
Email: mandy@purple13.co.uk

Google key search phrases: Purple 13 , Mandy Collins

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