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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Purple 13 - the visual pep pill

Every so often, when checking visitor statistics to purple 13, an unexpected search phrase shows up in the stats that people have searched on and arrived at Purple 13.

Today was one such occasion. Visitors to Purple 13 may have noticed on the reviews page a comment by Fabfotos - an online art sourcing directory - in which they refer to Mandy's artworks as "wild and vibrant".

They go on to heap praise upon her works by saying "if you are in need of a visual pep pill visit this site".

Mandy was very pleased to receive such an endorsement of her work and their comments were added to her review page. The line about a visual pep pill was so good, that it is repeated at the bottom of her home page.

Pep Pill was the search phrase in question. Try typing it into Google right now, searching under UK results.

Purple 13.

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