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Thursday, September 14, 2006

A strange Profile picture?

We've received one or two comments about the "strange profile picture" so we thought we'd better explain further.

It's actually an artwork by Mandy Collins entitled Eve's Apple. Eve's Apple won a prize in the Novartis and Daily Telegraph Visions of Science Photographic Awards 2005.

Mandy attended an award ceremony at the Royal Society in London and received her prize from TV Personality Dr Adam Hart-Davis.

The work then went on a major UK tour with the other catergory winners, starting at the Science Museum.

Naturally, Mandy is very proud of her award and hence has adopted Eve's Apple as a popular example of her work.

The image itself started life as a flower from a Bleeding Heart picked for her by her Daughter who demanded it be photographed immediately. The stem was placed in an egg cup in the windowsill and photographed many times.

The resulting photos were then worked on by Mandy for many hours and the end result became an award winning piece of art.

You can read the full story of Mandy's award by clicking here.

To view a larger image of Eve's Apple, click here.

Eve's Apple is available for purchase in print, framed signed limited editions and giant stretched canvases. Click here to view finish options and prices.

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