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Monday, October 09, 2006

Ginger Kitten gets sold

If you've followed the links to the Purple 13 Blog, then you'll know we were recently 'over run' with kittens.

Firstly, our ginger cat Amy had six kittens which all sold apart from one we kept. During this time, our other cat Storm had 3 kittens - 1 ginger, the other 2 black and white.

When Amy's kittens were ready to leave home, we put a card in the pets at home store in Derby. Yesterday, we received a call from a lady enquiring about the kittens for sale.

When she heard that there was a 'second litter' to choose from, she visited us immediately and falling in love with the cute ginger chap', she paid there and then.

SO one down, two to go as we approach the 28th October and leaving home date.

If you'd like to see pictures of Amy's litter of six and last years 5 kittens, go to www.purple13.co.uk/kitten2

I started the kitten diary after requests from colleagues at work. The whole thing turned into a organic marketing campaign after search engines picked up on the keywords on searches for new born kittens and still do so I leave the pictures there.

The new owner reckons she might call him Alf or ALfie after the Jude Law film.

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