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Friday, October 13, 2006

Help - There's a bird stuck behind the toilet

This is the cry that went out from home today. Somehow, a bird had got into the loft space and found its way down the boxing around the stench pipe. From there it had flapped around and generally spewed feathers everywhere, some of which came out into the toilet alerting us to the fact it was actually a trapped bird.

We'd heard noises in the night and assumed it was water dripping onto the window pane.

By the time I got home from work in my bosses Porsche Cayenne Sport (very nice car indeed), the bird had managed to travel back along the boxing around the small ensuite and had fallen down to the hallway where the kittens sat watching the wall - they smelt blood!

I had visions of having to tie a kitten to a piece of knotted string (a bit like a ferret) and encourage it to go after the bird - only problem there is we'd have had a cat and a bird stuck.

My other fear was having to kick in the boarding to make an escape hole for daft creature.

However, between us, we came up with a cunning plan (cunning enough to stick a tail on it and call it a weasel) - we covered the window to make it dark, removed the panneling around the upstairs toilet and hoped the light from the open windows in the bedroom would act as bait.

Sure enough, when I went back downstairs and tapped at the wall, the startled bird went up and by the time i got back upstairs, it was already flying out of the open window.

Success and no damage either. Oh and it was a female blackbird, minus a few feathers. My neighbour has a hawk - I suppose I could have borrowed that.

The Bat sign is out and the good citizens of Gotham can sleep soundly tonight.

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