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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Don't just send a postcard - send a puzzle postcard

We just wanted to introduce you to the newest addition to our personalised photo jigsaws line up – the Puzzle Postcards.

These ingenious little jigsaws feature a 15 piece jigsaw within a solid border, which is then covered by a clear plastic sheet, so that the completed jigsaw image shows through. The clear plastic sheet adheres to the jigsaw border during postage, but is easily removed by the recipient.

The back has the traditional postcard written message and postal address spaces.

The whole thing can be posted (or if you prefer mailed) out to the addressee. Imagine their surprise when they receive such an unusual postcard. A postcard that they can make time and time again.

The completed jigsaw (front) image can be any image or artwork of your choice making them a great marketing or business promotion tool.

Plus, the space left by the removal of the jigsaw pieces can feature another message/image.

Measuring 10cm by 15cm, their weight conforms to postcard postal rates.

And because of the clever manufacturing process, unlike our other bulk jigsaw prices which allow only 1 image per bulk quantity, you can specify up to 9 different images / artworks per order (minimum of 500 per image) and an additional image for inside the border.

We must stress that although these clever little postcard puzzles are competitively priced, because of current production techniques, we can only accept orders in quantities of 4,500 (9 x 500 images) or multiples thereof.

Although with such a multitude of different uses – marketing – product launch – corporate awareness – gift shop etc, we're sure you'll have no trouble in finding your own unique uses for our new postcard puzzles.

If you'd like to see an example of our postcard puzzles, click here to visit the postcard puzzle page at Fabulous Photo Gifts and download our flyer (.pdf format).

Alternatively contact Fabulous Photo Gifts for more information about how our newest postcard puzzles, plus our range of other bulk buy personalised photo jigsaw prices can enhance your business.

Bulk prices are also available for resellers, please contact us for more information.

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