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Friday, May 25, 2007

Need a website design to host your funds for life scheme participation?

Now that we've launched our exciting fund raising scheme – 'Funds for Life' – for the benefit of all schools, clubs, teams, charities etc, and after taking an enquiry earlier today, we appreciate that many of you might be thinking to yourselves “If only we had our own website to help us raise money”.

Well, believe it or not, we can help you with that as well. Fabulous Photo Gifts has its own web designer (also our technical partner), and to stop him fiddling with our own website “you know engineers, they love to change things” kind of approach, we thought he'd be better occupied designing websites for other people.

In fact apart from Fabulous Photo Gifts and Purple13, which he's always updating etc, he's also recently completed several websites design and builds.

You can view them here – www.edt.uk.com: a motor retail industry training provider, www.tvwindows.com: a double glazing company and www.twinswithsma.co.uk: a focal information and fund raising site for two twins diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

In fact, twinswithsma.co.uk has already joined our 'Funds for Life' scheme so their website is a good example of how you can integrate your own scheme membership into an existing website.

All of these projects were 'blank canvas' jobs, meaning clients preferred to leave design choices and functionality to us, whilst just providing the text and pictures.

Price is dependent on the level of functionality and the amount of pages involved. One thing we will stress is that you will always get more than you pay for.

We can offer the full package – web design, maintenance and updates, Blog and RSS management, even domain registration and hosting (.co.uk or .com's only). Website optimisation is built in as standard and we'll even include search engine submission (by hand) and participation of the Google Site Map program.

So fret no more. Fabulous Photo Gifts really can help you make your web dreams a reality.

Visit our contact page and drop us a line outlining our needs and ambitions and we'll be in touch, all without obligation of course. It may just be we're able to impart some of our hard earned knowledge to you during our conversation.

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