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Friday, July 20, 2007

Fund Raising - money for your local RSPCA or animal shelter

Sometimes the Fabulous Photo Gifts family home seems more like an animal ark or RSPCA pet rescue centre. We could do with some fund raising of our own just to keep them all fed and watered.

There's the family dog – a lurcher called Wanda (as in fish called), 2 rats, 5 mice and 5 cats (1 each – yummy!) – Amy, Storm, Molly Mackerel, Doodle and Bunny-Boo (don't ask – that's what you get when you leave name decisions to a 8 year old!)

If you think we're barking – we're not (it's not the cats either!), but when we announced our fund raising 'Funds for Life' scheme – Open to any school, group, team or charity etc just a one off bulk photo jigsaw purchase which you can use to sell and raise funds from and then any personal orders made using your unique code afterwards, Fabulous Photo Gifts donates 5% of the basket total to your nominated good cause, every order, every time, for Life! - people thought we were, well, one jigsaw piece short of the full picture.

However, we ploughed bravely on and now have 3 scheme members set up and hopefully, they'll raise lots of money for their good causes.

If you'd like to see an example of how one of our scheme members has used our fund raising scheme in their website – visit www.twinswithsma.co.uk – 2 local boys suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. They're raising funds for specialist equipment.

So you could also be using our innovative fund raising scheme to raise funds for your own animal shelter etc. With the minimum qualifying order at just 50 jigsaws, we really want to include as many of you as we can.

We're both parents ourselves and we've done our own fair share of fund raising committees etc at local school PFA's, Scout Groups, Toddler groups, Playgroups and Nurseries etc so we know how difficult it can be to come up with original fund raising ideas that really work.

We think our Funds for Life scheme is attractive and a sure fire winner. And we do all the work too. We total up your commissions and send a cheque every quarter. When we despatch an order, we'll remind the customer of your unique scheme number for next time they need a personalised photo gift present idea – indeed, they can share the code with other family members, friends, work colleagues, neighbours etc.

We do suggest you promote the code yourself – your regular member mailouts, your websites, meetings and open days etc.

Fabulous Photo Gifts is always adding new personalised gift ideas to it's website so there will always be new and exciting gift ideas to choose from.

Click here to download your own Fabulous Photo Gifts 'Funds for Life' information pack or call us on 0845 003 4118 to discuss getting your good cause added into our fund raising scheme.

We also offer a full postal order service which includes FREE scanning of photographs or slides so your members or supporters don't have to be on the Internet to be able to take part. Gifts for them, funds for you!

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