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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Holiday photographs - what to do with them all?

Holiday photographs – what to do with them? "Why did I take so many photos on holiday?" is a cry often heard resounding throughout the land.

Holiday photos – photographic souvenirs of great moments on holiday, either foreign holidays or ones closer to home on the beach, from holiday cruises to holiday skiing, we accumalate a fair number of holiday 'snaps' in a lifetime.

The other day, I decided to go on a bit of a late spring clean and discovered some old holiday photographs in a dust covered tin.

Looking back through them bought back some great holiday memories and I picked out one of the kids and put it to one side.

You see, you can now turn those lovely holiday photos into fabulous personalised photo gifts.

Holiday photos make a great photo gift. There's usually lots of colour and action in them for a start, as well as the sunny daylight making photos seem really alive and full of detail.

The people in them are usually smiling – practically beaming from ear to ear. They are on holiday after all.

Anyway, back to that particular picture I pulled out of the packet. I thought it would make a great birthday present for my Dad next month. He's always joked about having a mug with our mugs on.

At Fabulous Photo Gifts, they don't just do personalised photo mugs. They do all kinds of gift ideas including probably one of the largest selections of jigsaw puzzles you can personalise with your own photos online.

Mousemats, chopping boards, t-shirts (in more sizes than you can shake a stick at) etc, all lovingly prepared and printed by hand.

Back to that mug for my Dad – it doesn't matter that I haven't got a digital camera and file of the picture I've chosen. Fabulous Photo Gifts also offer a postal service which includes FREE scanning.

So you don't have to wait for the summer holidays to be over before you can order a photo gift, however, I hope I've inspired you for when you get back home from this years travels and start to wonder “just what am I going to do with all these photographs?”.

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