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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rest of the best - website updates complete

Just when the weather decides to behave and (for those with tickets) it looks like you may actually see some tennis played at Wimbledon (you'd think they'd be used to the english weather by now), guess who has been indoors, completing website amendments?

That's right - the Fabulous Photo Gifts web designer!

A little after a week of intensive web design and the addition of a whole new range of photo gift ideas - mugs, mousemats, tea-trays, coasters, placemats, t-shirts, chopping boards and a new range of novelty photo jigsaws going live, the final pieces of the puzzle (pun intended) have finally gone live as other pages finally received their makeover.

In particular, the new graphics on the newly designed 'home page' have been themed around other information pages including - the fund-raising page which carries details of our innovative new fund raising scheme for schools, clubs, teams, charrities etc using photo gifts.

Also amended were: Our ever popular FAQ's page, the About Us page and our How To Order page.

Of course the web updates won't be stopping there (for long anyway). Mandy already has more photo gift ideas currently undergoing scrutiny, before deciding whether to offer them or not, so watch this space - actually watch Fabulous Photo Gifts.

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