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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New 60 piece express range photo jigsaw avaialble

New 60 piece Express Jigsaw available now.

We're nothing if not good listeners at Fabulous Photo Gifts. So when we received requests for a larger express jigsaw, we set to work straightaway.

The result is a new 60 piece (A3 size) express photo jigsaw that is normally delivered in 5 to 7 days.

It shares the same thick wooden pieces as our other express jigsaws and the same high gloss finish to the pieces.

To check out our new 60 piece (A3 size) express photo jigsaw, click here.

We'll be adding more express jigsaw options over the coming week as part of an exciting new line up of photo gift ideas!

Shhhhh – more about those later.


Jay said...

Cool. I am just wondering if these are sponsored posts? or something like that.


Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

Hi Jay - Thanks for stopping by.

All the articles on this blog are written to compliment the Fabulous Photo Gifts and Purple 13 websites.

We realised that to put all the news and articles we wanted to write on the websites themselves would take up to much space, plus the programming time involved when using standard html.

So thank goodness for blogs - now we can instantly update with any news story or article we have and in conjunction with our rss feed keep customers of, visitors to and those with an interest in Fabulous Photo Gifts - personalised photo gifts or Purple 13 - Abstract photo art bang up to date.

Our seo help articles would have little relevancy on the websites but here, they have their own home.

SO in answer to your question, they are not sponsored posts since my intepretation is they are not paid for or written by a third party, but we certainly use them to highlight new products and services to an ever expanding customer list.