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Friday, November 16, 2007

Photo Gifts given in unusual ways

Photo Gifts given in unusual ways.

Of course personalised photo gifts make a great gift. But how you give that gift can also add to the fun or surprise element of the recipient.

For example, if your planning a proposal of marriage, then why not write “Will You Marry Me?” over a jigsaw with a picture of the two of you on it, break up the pieces and give them in a small gift bag?

This also works for any birthday treat like a holiday or day out etc. What better way to surprise someone? Perhaps a picture of the actual gift itself.

But it's not just personalised photo jigsaws that lend themselves to the theatrical, if you're giving a mug, why not give it to someone with a lovely morning cup of tea inside it, and wait for the fun to be realised?

Mousemats with your photo's on can also be a great way to surprise someone. If it's for a colleague at work, why not replace their usual mat with the personalised one just before they come in? Sit back and watch the fun as they realise.

A money box as a christening present with some money inside has always been popular – make it more so with a picture of the family or the baby on the money box itself.

Back to jigsaw puzzles and our boxed photo jigsaws come in a variety of sizes including a 2000 piece one. If you have puzzle fans in your family, the perhaps a picture of the family or their home? If you own holiday properties, then a jigsaw featuring the holiday home is a great idea for guests that are staying to amuse themselves with.

Not forgetting family and friends that are in hospital for extended periods or recuperating at home – what better way to show you're thinking of them than a personalised photo jigsaw or other gift? The jigsaw could feature a picture of family, favorite destinations or even a hobby the poorly person is looking forward to getting back to.

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