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Monday, December 17, 2007

Weird designer sandwiches

With the cold weather and late nights packing orders, rumbling tummies bought to mind freshly cut sandwiches with exotic fillings...

Next day at work and a colleague observed a sandwich delivery vans menu... the part where it read "design your own sandwich" - Hang on - design?? You can imagine the trading standards people rounding up counterfeit sandwiches from street corner vendors... even M&S copywriting the triangular sandwich cut (hey my idea and I want 10p everytime someone cuts their sandwich corner to corner).

My colleague piped up - "brie and cranberry and celery" then he couldn't get the imagined taste of such a concoction out of his mouth. It took at least 2 machine coffee's to set the taste buds right again.

With the promise of lots of leftover turkey and ham sandwiches next week... what's your favourite sandwich filling?

Jonathan, Max & Georgie - whose got whose sandwich?

Mine - a little home made 'design' - cheese and lime pickle

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