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Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Official - We're named as a Founder Member

It's Official – we're named as a Founder Member of Go! Smell The Flowers

We're very excited to announce that we've been selected to be one of the 20 founding members for an established online blog community called Go! Smell the Flowers!.

We were selected after contributing to the site with our own news and features as well as participating in their active online discussions and inspiring others with our refreshing 'total transparency ethic' way of doing business.

Jim and Em', the original founders wanted to create a community that anyone could join in with and which would encourage visitors to Go smell the flowers - a metaphor for changing your life for the better.

Their own story of quiting the rat race and traveling the world before settling in Dubai and writing their journey memoirs sets the backdrop for some lively discussions on all manner of topics.

Mandy – the proprietor of Fabulous Photo Gifts echo's many of their inspirational qualities which is why we were invited..... from stay at home mum and artist to setting up and running her own online personalised photo gift business.

Now we're regular contributors over at GSTF and you'll find a great mix of topics to read or take part in.

As Jim and Em' say -
Welcome to the community! Post comments & have your say

20 Founders in 10 countries
35 active posts long...
Join in and smell the flowers
Please be wary of thorns!

Click here to visit Go! Smell the Flowers! now.

P.S We're known under our Founder name of Purple13 so watch out for our unique and exclusive posts next time you visit.

1 comment:

GO! Smell the flowers said...

Welcome aboard and we truly look forward to your unique contributions to the GO! Smell the flowers community and help inspire countless people from around the world!

This is just the start and 2008 will be the year that our community gave cyberspace something never seen before.

Group hugs to all at Fabulous Photo Gifts!

Jim & Em and all the GO! Smell the flowers gang.