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Friday, January 04, 2008

Life can be Fabulous!

Last year, we promised that your favourite photo gift blog was going to be changing – and how!

In addition to all the usual personalised photo gift giving news from Fabulous Photo Gifts and quality SEO tips and advice from our own webmaster, we'll be introducing all new topical pieces for you to discuss amongst yourselves, with more illustrations and shorter articles, to help you through the days and year ahead.

And that doesn't mean we're after your comments (although those are always welcome), rather we want to promote discussion between you and others – perhaps people you work with or a social club or group you attend, even your neighbour in the shopping or bus queue!

As well as leading questions like “Why do children always drop peas on the floor?”, we'll also be bringing you editorial highlights – recipes and recommended wines etc. from community magazine – All Things Local as part of our continuing commitment to the local community in which we live.

Finally, we hope our pleasant banter and easy style will bring a smile to your face and help you through the day.

If all else fails, then we recommend our personalised photo gifts as a much needed tonic – for family, for friends, for colleagues, for fund-raising, for you.

After all, if you know where to look, then life can be fabulous!

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