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Friday, January 04, 2008

Media advertising, business marketing and photography supplies

Media advertising, business marketing and photography supplies enquiries continue to grow for Photo Gift company.

As businesses return from the holidays, many will be discussing, both in-house and with their marketing agencies, new marketing strategies for 2008 and beyond.

Here at Fabulous Photo Gifts, we've seen a steady rise in business and media enquiries and orders for personalised photo goods. In particular, our photo jigsaw puzzles have proved a very popular choice for everything from car showroom open evenings to larger marketing and safety campaigns, right through to art students and museums.

If you haven't considered putting your marketing message on a photo jigsaw, then you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how effective it can be and how cost effective & lasting medium photo gifts are.

We offer possibly the largest selection of jigsaw sizes – both physical built size and number of pieces – with everything from wooden 15 piece jigsaws to enormous 2000 piece boxed jigsaws. A range that includes cello-wrapped, presentation sleeved through to boxed jigsaws with printed lids. There's a full range of sizes and price breaks for same image multiples on our website (click here).

Did you know we also support a number of professional photographers who are keen to offer their own customers a quality personalised photographic product, produced by a company whose proprietor is herself a keen digital photographer and has won major art awards with her own photography as well as licensing images worldwide? Mugs, Mousemats, T-Shirts and Chopping Boards are just some of the items we can personalise with your photographs and we have some very attractive rates to help you make the most out of re-selling opportunities.

We have many ways in which we can help with your business, whether that's supplying individual items for photographers or supplying larger quantities of single image jigsaws etc.

If you'd like to find out more about how Fabulous Photo Gifts can help with your marketing or product portfolio, then drop Mandy an e-mail or contact us via our 0845 (UK local call rate) number. Click here for our contact details.

We look forward to being of continued service to you.

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