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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Super Heroes Revealed

Super Heroes Revealed

In conversation the other day with Jim at Go! Smell the Flowers!, to illustrate a point (which now escapes me completely) I commented on the fact that in todays 'Super Hero' films – the Hero nearly always reveals his true identity to someone around him – Batman, Spiderman, even the Rocketeer!

Poor old Adam West (Batman) what must he be making of it all?

What's your take on this 'Hero reveals identity to get the girl routine'? Are our hero's becoming soft? Or is Hollywood portraying the message that you don't have to be alone?


Mike French said...

Jonathan is this to do with you being Purple13 at Go! Smell the Flowers?

I only twigged the connection when you started signing your comments there Jonathan aka purple 13.

And if so

Is Purple 13 your superhero name? And what powers do you have?

Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

Hi Mike

Yep! I fell into the superhero trap and revealed my true identity!

I suppose if I were to be a Superhero, I'd be Dishwasher Man!

My main power would be super stacking speed (of the dishwasher), my enemies would all be greasy and half baked ( a bit like real villains then!).

Mike French said...

Can you pop over then, our dishwasher is broken.


Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

Quickly - to the Sud-Mobile! Pow! Thack! Sud! Bubble! (?) - underneath our aprons we're just perfectly normal people!

GO! Smell the flowers said...

So true Purple13 - the suspense has left the superhero genre, unlike the Turkish version of Superman - now this is a real hero…