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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Size Matters - Titter Ye Not!

What a jovial time we have here in the Fabulous Photo Gifts office – it makes the chit-chat on Terry Wogan's radio 2 morning show look like a Library.

So when a question of size comes up, a lively debate is assured.

Take the other week. We were amending the website with some updated product specifications and, reading from a suppliers catalogue of blanks, someone said “midi”.

So I took that to be the smallest size – after all midi is smaller than mini?

Well there was a can of worms. We had mini, midi and medium and we're still divided on what customers will think themselves.

So to clear up any confusion, we'll be going on the physical measurements and using good old fashioned small, medium and large. Now where did I put that nano measuring device...

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