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Friday, April 25, 2008

FabPhoto T.V. Exclusive!

Coming soon.... FabPhoto T.V - Exclusive!

Surrounded as we are by hundreds of peoples photos every day, we've decided it's about time our customers got to share their photo gift giving occasions with everyone else.

So we're launching FabPhoto T.V – our very own 'T.V channel' – your chance to put your photo's or video's of you or someone you know using / wearing / displaying their personalised photo gift from Fabulous Photo Gifts, online on our exclusive 'channel'.

Lots more details coming later – we just wanted to wet your photographic appetites and inspire budding Spielberg's to dust off the box brownies and super 8 cine's and get filming. They'll be prizes for best entries and a lot of fun!

Well don't watch this space – go and get filming and photographing! If you've got any ideas or things you'd like to see on FabPhoto T.V, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

In the meantime, here's some classic personalised photo gift moments to inspire you:

Meeting someone at the airport, wearing photo t-shirts
Birthday / anniversary celebration
Someone opening their pesonalised photo gift
Someone completing their personalised photo jigsaw
Someone drinking a cup of tea out of their personalised mug
Making a sandwich on a personalised chopping board (why not make it part of a recipe video or safety in the home video?)
'Puppet shows' using personalised teddy bears or props in bottle t-shirts

We're working on our own video storyboard which will feature the kids showing you how to use our website and order a photo gift online (don't worry – they won't get the credit cards! Not that they don't ask!!)so watch out for that late May 2008.

Click here to visit our 'Contact Page' for details to send your photo's or videos too or leave a comment below. Sorry – we can't promise to return your FabPhoto T.V submissions so we suggest emailing any materials or enclose stamped , addressed envelopes if you want pictures returning.


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