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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Father's Day - What my Dad has asked for on Father's Day

What my dad has asked for on Father's Day

What did my Dad ask for on Father's Day? In Typical Dad like fashion, he insisted we didn't spend any money or bother getting him anything - “Spend on yourself” he delighted in saying knowing full well that we would be getting him something, whether he liked it or not.

So once we'd got over the hurdle that actually getting him something for Father's Day was going to happen, the next question was what?

“Something in-expensive – Save your money for the kids” (OK we already got that bit) - “Something with a picture of the kids on it” (anything else?) “something useful”.

Luckily for us and you too, we knew of a fabulous photo gift company that have a range of gift ideas perfect for Dad. You simply choose your gift, upload your photo, pay at the online checkout and hey presto, your personalised photo gift arrives.

We went for a personalised photo mug for his favourite morning cuppa that comes complete with a teddy bear keyring personalised with Happy Father's Day all for under £12!

We could have chosen a stunning clock for his bedside or a chopping board for his daily sandwich making.

Actually, we'll probably save that one for his birthday and put a picture of his terrier on that instead.

So if, like us, you were stuck for a present idea for your Dad on Father's Day – Sunday June 17th 2008 – then your stuck days are over. Head over to Fabulous Photo Gifts website, choose a gift, upload your picture, pay online and let us worry about dear old Dad.

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