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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pet Photo Gifts - Show off your pet

Fabulous Photo Gifts had an office day out to the Bakewell Show this week. We were particularly keen to go as we've promised ourselves every year we would, only to have something last minute crop up and prevent us.

We're all dog and cat mad so it was really good fun wandering around the dog show arena's as the various dog classes were judged. Were you there?

We saw a lot of beautiful dogs, from the small to the large. And it reminded us of some of the pet photo's customers have uploaded and personalised one of our photo gifts with.

We've had our fair share of breeds and boy! do those pooches know how to pose. Not to be left out, their feline counterparts have had their fare share of photo gift glory too.

One customer in particular ordered a gift with a lovely picture of his pair of dogs sitting in an old armchair. What stuck out was the comical expression on one of the dogs faces.

A few months down the line (quite a few), we received a similar picture - we noticed because of the chair and the cheeky expression on one of the dogs faces.

So when we sent the completed order out, we dropped a little note in to say we were glad to see both dogs were still well.

We had a lovely reply back from the family giving us a rundown of the pairs history/family ties etc.

So if you're a pet lover or you want to buy something special for a pet lover, then why not think of us? Our superb range of personalised photo gift ideas means there's something for everybody and all ages. Click here to view our range of photo gift ideas, ideally suited to your pet photo's.

We've found in the past that our coasters and placemats, dinner trays and clocks are particular favourites with Pet Owners as is our range of boxed Jigsaw Puzzles.

Whatever photo gift idea you choose to have your favourite pet or animal photo personalised onto, you can be assured that your photo gift will have been optimised and printed by hand to help ensure that you're more than delighted with the finished pet photo gift.

Unlike some, you won't find us lying down on the job.....


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic story - do you think the person noticed the lead was missing from the picture of their dog when they got their photo gift order back?


Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by the missing lead story. Do tell more.


Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

Ah yes - the missing lead story.

One of our earliest orders was for a photo jigsaw. The picture was a lovely dog sat by a river.

There was a long lead trailing from the dogs collar out of picture - which in our opinion spoilt the 'shot', so we painstakingly airbrushed the lead out.

Only later on did we panic that the customer might be a big dog lead retailer and wanted the picture with the lead in!

As i say it was one of our first orders but it was a good lesson to restrict ourselves to red-eye and tonal adjustments for printing (unless asked otherwise!).

Just because we can do a thing doesn't mean we must do a thing!