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Friday, October 17, 2008

Play Bond Bingo - in honour of the new James Bond 007 Film - Quantum of Solace

We're all crazy Bond fans here at the Fabulous Photo Gifts workshop so to celebrate the imminent release of the latest James Bond 007 FIlm - Quantum of Solace - starring Daniel Craig, we've put together our very own Bond Bingo card for you to play.

Simply copy and paste the 26 'numbers' (below) into your word document editor and print off as many copies as you need.

Then sit back with friends, family (or just yourself) and see if you can manage to get a 'full house' by ticking off each 'number' as that event occurs in the film (they're not in any order!)

We think you should be able to just about get a full house, based on the previous missions of 007.

Here's your Bond Bingo playing card - eyes down!

................BOND BINGO PLAYING CARD..............

Tick off each example as it happens, fastest one to complete their card and shout "Bond Bingo" wins. (Be quiet if you're in the cinema though or you may get SSShhh'd at!).

1) Gun barrel appears
2) Vodka martini (or other alcoholic beverage) drunk by bond
3) Outline of scantilly clad/naked woman seen
4) Exterior shot of London
5) Bond kisses a girl
6) Attempt on Bond's life
7) Daring escape by Bond
8) Bond utters a witty remark
9) Bond drives a vehicle
10) I spy a gadget
11) Romantic theme music heard
12) Exotic location exterior shot
13) I Spy a briefcase
14) Fine dining experience
15) Michael G Wilson (Bond co-producer) spotted on camera
16) Obvious product placement
17) "We were expecting you Mr Bond" uttered
18) M makes an appearance
19) Bond saves the girl (if she couldn't be saved, then attempts also count)
20) Q makes an appearance
21) 'The minister/ministry' are referred to
22) Bond kills a baddie
23) Miss Monneypenny? I hope not
24) Bond is double-crossed
25) Bond can't be found
26) Dubious accent heard


Print of this Bond Bingo card and play with your friends or on your own. If you're a Bond fan, why not try it out on older Bond films? If no one gets a full house, highest score wins but be prepared to vindicate your answers! Good luck and come back alive!

*Please note there are no prizes on offer, photo gift wise or other - it's just a bit of fun but we'd love to know how you and your family or friends get on and who knows, if enough of you leave a comment here with your scores or points where a debate ensued, then so much the better. We may even feel inclined to offer a small prize after all if we can hold of you.

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Anonymous said...

fabulous quiz m8 - bond night with lads - printing off copies now. T.C. Hertfordshire

angesbiz said...

Cool idea Jonathan! Not sure when I will get to see the movie though... Bond Bingo game is innovative!

angesbiz said...

Cool idea Jonathan! Not sure when I will get to see the movie though... Bond Bingo game is innovative!

Fudge said...

cool idea jonathan