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Thursday, November 06, 2008

More lovely comments....

Well if you don't blow your own trumpet, then no-one else will my Dad used to say to me, but after reviewing the more recent Fabulous Photo Gifts mail bag, I think you can always rely on satisfied customers......

"Mandy - Many thanks for your prompt delivery of the tea tray. It was exactly
what we wanted & our customer very much appreciated it." - Debs.

"I received the serving mats and costers today. Very pleased with them; my friends will be so envious!" - D.

"I received the holders for the coasters this morning,thank you for your efficient service." - M.F.

"Hi Mandy - We are really pleased at the quality of the jigsaw. Thank you." - R.C.

"Hi Mandy - Thank you for the speedy delivery. Client is over the moon. Regards" - Mark.

"Hi Mandy, have just placed the order - like your site and the way it works by the way" - A.T.

"I just wanted to let you know that the jigsaws arrived safely as promised, and they worked well for us at our event. Thank you for your help & attention to the order." - Nick.

"Hi there Mandy, Just thought I would thank you for the prize I seem to have won for having the "Photo of the Month", after ordering a jigsaw. That particular jigsaw gift was very well received, and I am currently looking for suitable pictures for a Christmas order for another (quite jealous) relative!

Whilst I'm now sure the choice of "Photo of the Month" must be fairly random, it is very much appreciated :o)

The easel looks fabulous, and if the aim of the prize was purely a marketing one, I think it worked. Expect an order for some more of those in future too..... Very best regards" - Dave.

We'd like to thank all those customers that take the time and trouble to send us a note, saying how pleased they are with their orders and how pleased the recipient was too.

Keep them coming - it's a lovely surprise in the mailbox.

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