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Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Jewellery / Keepsake Box with surprise Jigsaw option

It's been a busy weekend - first our new colour changing 'wow' mugs and now our new Photo Jewellery Box / Keepsake Box that comes with a surprise photo jigsaw option.

Measuring 215mm x 165mm x 70mm high, Our Jewellery Box features a personalised lid insert that can also be seen when the box is opened.

And we've given you even more choice! When you order a Fabulous Photo Gift Jewellery Box, you can email us a second photograph to have printed on the inside - completely free.

Want more? Well we don't disappoint. We're offering the Jewellery Box with an exciting surprise inside - either a 221 or 150 piece wooden jigsaw.

If you choose the box and jigsaw combination, then you an email us a separate photograph for the inside of the box lid and we'll also add that photo to the jigsaw - or perhaps you'd like the outer lid photograph on the jigsaw instead? It's entirely up to you.

You just have to let us know. Click here to view our newest photo gift - the personalised jewellery box - now.

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