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Monday, November 03, 2008

Tax disc dash

Well in between half term with the kids off and the extra orders coming in thick and fast as our October 'early shopper' promotion drew to a close, it probably wasn't the best timing 6 months previously to renew the car tax (OK road fund licence) for just the 6 months.

Even sillier when the insurance also expired a few days before the end of the month!

So as I hadn't received my new insurance documents, I decided to apply online but first I wanted to check if i was still 'covered' awaiting it to arrive in the post.

So i trawled the Governments website but all I could find was nothing! Not a mention of being covered or not as the case may be.

I scoured blogs but couldn't find the answer so I thought I'd better post what I found out here.

I found the answer to the question - "am i covered to drive wthout a valid tax disc if i've renewed it online and i'm awaiting it in the post?"

I think the answer is no (but i'm sure someone will leave a comment and correct me?

You see although I couldn't find anything online, I did find this line in the helpful booklet that came with the tax disc renewal form. It reads " Remember - Make your application in plenty of time as by law you must display an up-to-date tax disc on your vehicle to use or keep it on a public road".

So the answer it would seem is no - you're not covered even if you have renewed it online but are waiting for it to arrive.

I'd love some feedback from people on this one. I'm sure it happens to many vehicle owners - especially when insurance is due at the end of a month when the tax disc runs out. As it happens I phoned my insurers to query why I hadn't received my renewal certificate.

Oh we'll put another in the post they replied - why don't you renew your tax disc online and then you'll be covered?

I think they ought to review their advice to customers after my findings. You don't want to get caught out.

I did receive my new certificate on the last day and was able to renew at our local Post Office in good time but it was a close run thing -Phew!

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