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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Half time antics at the Sheffield Steelers courtesy of Compass Distribution

Yours truly was very excited to accept an invitation to join Alan Fenn of Compass Distribution - direct marketing and leaflet distribution services based in Sheffield - to last nights ice hockey game at the home of the Sheffield Steelers who played the Cardiff Devils.

However, that wasn't the real surprise of the night. Oh no.

Not only did I get to watch the match from the lofty heights of a corporate box, I also met the Manager and players, had my picture taken out on the ice and a picture with the latest bit of club silverware - the play-off winners cup.

Well I can pretty much take that in my stride but I wasn't prepared for a real challenge at the first interval.

Alan's business - Compass Distribution - were sponsoring this match and Alan had agreed to provide two willing recruits to play the interval game of Hamster Ball racing.

So yours truly - padded up - was placed in a life size version of a beach ball and 'walked to the ice' That's where the trouble started. Once on the ice with a thin film of plastic between you and the ice - well it was like being Bambi!

So started a long crawl to the half way line and back. On the return journey i made good ground on my opponent who had obviously got the knack of things a lot sooner than me - and if I hadn't of started running out of steam might have eventually caught up.

Still it was a really fun event to take part in and hopefully we put on a bit of a show for the 3000 plus spectators.

I did warn my 'opponent' that should he win, he'd got to mention Fabulous Photo Gifts in his interview but there were no reporters waiting - just a nice cold pint back in the box! There was a vicious rumour circulating that the event was video'd - I'll keep checking YouTube just to make sure!!

Thanks to Alan and his family and the other guests, including Jill and her husband from the Academy and Star Pupil driving schools based in Rotherham- Good luck to Emma with her test this Friday coming! (Please check out her website for details! www.starpupilacademy.co.uk) for a great evening and of course to the staff and players of the Sheffield Steelers. We'll be back to see you soon.



Anonymous said...

I saw you in your inflatable sphere on Saturday! Hehehe! Found your blog as I'm trying to find out how to hire a box...have you any idea? Thanks! p.s. you nearly won

Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

Hi Anonymous - thanks for that. It was a really good laugh actually - but incredibly hard work.

I actually thought I was going to run out of air before the finish - must have looked like a fish out of water when they finally unzipped us back stage!!

With regards booking a box (great view - I was very lucky!) I think you can make an enquiry via the Steelers website - there's a link in the article.

Hope that helps. Thanks again for your support - I couldn't hear a thing inside the hamster ball so can only imagine the laughter at my attempt.

Regards - Jonathan.
P.S Feel free to forward a picture and i'll post it here.