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Friday, January 16, 2009

kettles, boilers and the absent adsl

Sorry if we didn't reply to your photo gift enquiry straight-away yesterday.... we had a spot of local trouble.

Firstly, the office kettle decided it was going to flip its lid - literally - as the lid parted from the kettle during first brew of the day. Not a good start!

Then came news from home that the central heating boiler had packed up - engineers booked for Saturday teatime (the earliest they can make it from Eon).

You'd think a day couldn't get much worse right? Well it did in typical fashion later on when we lost our adsl connection with the outside world, affecting everyday email enquiries but NOT any photo gift orders placed - we must stress that!.

So one replacement kettle later, we can at least enjoy a warm drink,even if we can't get warm.

I suppose we could all sit around the lit lighter on the iPhone myLite application....

Adsl is back up and working now so we'll be getting right back to you with your personalised photo gift enquiries. Thank you for your patience.

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