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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When does your Driving Licence expire? Have you checked recently?

Driving Licences - If you drive in the UK, then you need one. But when did you last check to see when your's expired?

Mandy (proprietor of Fabulous Photo Gifts) warned me after finding her old licence whilst sorting some paperwork the other night. "When does your driving licence expire?" she asked calmly.

"Oh when I'm 70 or thereabouts" I replied. "Check again" she said.

So I checked my Driving Licence and guess what? It expires this year!

It seems that when you applied for one of those silly two part licences - you know the plastic card with the photo and the extra large paper section (you are supposed to carry both together you know), well those nice people at the DVLC seemed to think that 10 years was about the right length of time to issue them for - a bit like a passport I suppose.

So now I've got to get ready and get mine renewed. It gets a bit trickier for me because my licence also has a PSV (bus/coach class) on it from when I passed my PSV Licence. I'll have to enquire with my former bus company employers if I need to take some sort of re-test to keep that class on my licence.

Wouldn't want to loose anything we're entitled to now would we?

So a word to the wise - if you haven't recently, then check the expiry date on your driving licence now and get your family and friends to check theirs too. Before it's too late.

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Stu said...

It's only the photo card part of the licence which needs renewing - so that your photo stays up to date. Your driving licence itself won't become invalid until you are 70, at which point you must reapply for a licence.

So you won't lose your PSV licence. Just get a recent photo and take it to the Post Office..

There's always a chance it'll be free!