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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jonathan Ross talks to Fabulous Photo Gifts - via Twitter

THE Jonathan Ross - BBC personality - 'spoke' to Fabulous Photo Gifts on Twitter the other day.

So huge was this event that yours truly was walking around the office with a cheesy grin the rest of the afternoon.

Here's how the conversation unfolded on Twitter - the latest social networking craze - where replies or 'tweets' are restricted to just 140 characters...

Of course, Twitter isn't just about making funny comments to each other. Twitter asks the question "what are you doing?" and its small maximum post size makes it a ideal micro-blogging platform. It's also incredibly easy to keep up to date with your followers and people you're following using desktop tools like Twitterrific - much easier than keep logging into Facebook etc.

If you're running a business, you can program an RSS feed to alert you everytime someone mentions your company name or perhaps a product or an interest - wouldn't you like to know when you're being discussed - good or bad?

Here's a more fun example of such a following alert - I happened to mention the 'spanish inquisition' scene from Monty Python to a colleague and got this fun message from Cardinal Fang in return. Seems someone's taken the trouble to send this automated 'tweet' every time you mention the spanish inquisition. Go on try it yourself.

Go on give Twitter a go yourself and who knows, you might attract your own celebrity follower's.

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