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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Twitter ye not!

If you haven't guessed from previous posts, Fabulous Photo Gifts can't recommend Twitter - the newest social networking platform - enough.

One of Twitter's best bits is the fact that each post (or Tweet) is restricted to 140 characters so, rather than resort to text (sms) speak, it forces uses to box clever.

Twitter is however a great way to keep in touch with and make new friends and acquaintances - including quite a few celebrity users like Jonathan Ross and Philip Schofield.

Of course its not all serious banter and occasionally, you'll spot a Tweet by someone you're following that demands a reply.

Take the other day....the following is an edited screen grab....

So you can have fun too. The thing is, once a social platform becomes a chore, then that's when you usually give up paying it attention.

The amount of media coverage Twitter has been getting this last week means if you haven't already, then Twitter is definately one you should add to your social platforms you currently use.

My thanks to Mike Doe for joining in the fun.

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