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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun picture posters - personalised with your name

Fun personalised posters make Fabulous Photo Gifts debut.

We've had great fun picking out our favourite 24 themed posters that you can personalise in a very special way - by adding your name to them.

Each poster can be personalised with your name (and in some cases another name or surname) which is then seamlessly added to the picture. For example, a poster of 2 starfish standing on the beach - your name is added as if it's written in the sand - amazing.

Or how about the rugby girl with your name written into the mud on her stomach?

We've picked the best 24 themes and added them to the Fabulous Photo Gifts website and not a moment too soon it would seem as we've already seen a lot of interest in these speciality personalised posters.

To make them even more special, we even offer each poster (posters measure 30 x 42 cm) in a choice of 3 frames - silver, black or traditional.

With Father's Day coming up in June, we're sure you'll have no difficulty in finding a suitable personalised present for even the most difficult person to buy for and our new range of personalised name posters means you've now got even more choice.

Poster picture subjects range from cute kittens to iPod wearing dogs, extreme mountains to skateboarding, pop groups to fairies, rugby to football and not forgetting flower and garden themes too.

Fun personalised name posters measure 30 x 42cm and cost £9.99 with the framed option costing £21.99 (choice of 3 frames).

Click here to view our full range of themed posters and put your name or a loved one's in the picture today.


photo gifts said...

This is pretty awesome, especially the muddy rugby girl. Not badly priced either.

Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

Thanks for the comment. Appreciate you stopping by.

We've just introduced a new framed print idea - the front page of the Daily Mirror from your choice of date (between 1900 and 2008).

These front page 're-prints' are also available on mugs and t-shirts. See our full range of Daily Mirror front page gifts here.