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Friday, March 06, 2009

Photo Gift company - as busy as bees ahead of Mother's Day

Photo Gift company - as busy as bees ahead of Mother's Day

Fabulous Photo Gifts have certainly been busy little bees lately, haven't they?

Firstly, their re-developed online personalised gift basket went live just this week. Photographic uploads to accompany your gift orders are now faster and you can see an actual status bar of the photo uploading before a confirmation message appears.

But that's not all. You see they've been busy working behind the scenes on a whole new and exciting range of personalised gift ideas - everything from comforter blankets and teddy bears to etched crystals will start being made available online with new name, message or special date etc personalisation options, in time for visitors to their website to order something for a Mother's Day gift with a difference.

Mandy said " We're very excited about expanding the range of personalised gifts we currently offer our customers. There's been a lot of late nights reviewing new gift ideas, discussions with suppliers and of course the web design work involved to allow our site visitors to personalise gifts with options other than just a photograph".

"We'd already added a new range of cushions, personalised bags including handbags and garden seats - personalised deckchairs and stools, but that was only the start!".

To embrace this new forthcoming range of personalised gift ideas, you may have noticed a small change to the company name and logo strap at the top of each page. Technical Partner and web designer Jonathan explains "After our last style change some 6 months ago, we agreed that the new look, although cleaner, was taking up a little too much screen space. It was also proving difficult to get the new logo in proportion when designing our new boxes for the boxed jigsaws. We decided with the basket programming changes and the new gifts coming online that we could achieve a re-design, keeping the familiar elements of the two jigsaw pieces, but in a vastly reduced space. At the same time, we introduced the idea that Fabulous Photo Gifts was more than just photo gifts - it was personalised gifts too."

Over the coming days and weeks, visitors will be able to choose from both their long standing line up of photo gifts, personalised with a photo to newer gift ideas that can be personalised online with names, messages, special dates and even postcodes. Each personalised gift idea when added to the basket asks you to 'personalise' it - this page then gives you the personalisation fields particular to that gift. Some gifts have more than one personalisation field.

Keen eyed visitors will also notice a new line up of Fabulous Photo Gifts oldest photo gift - the boxed jigsaws.

Previously manufactured in partnership with a European manufacturer - all photo preparation was and will still be carried out by Fabulous Photo Gifts - their new range is manufactured in England which will bring usual delivery times down from 16 days to 7 to 10 days.

Mandy continues "We were always acutely aware of the shipping times involved with having the boxed jigsaws manufactured in Europe and with euro against the pound rates climbing it became extremely difficult to continue to offer the boxed jigsaws at what we believed were realistic and affordable prices.

We are therefore extremely pleased to announce our new English made jigsaw range. We continue to do all the photograph preparation though, prior to actual printing and pressing". This new line up brings with it some new size options and reductions in price - notably the best selling 1000 piece boxed jigsaw has been reduced by £5 to just £34.99 (+delivery)."

There are 10 size options to choose from in the new boxed range. However, the review has seen one or two jigsaw puzzles dropped from the previous line up. Notably the 2000 piece and the panoramic (letterbox style) jigsaws. Mandy says "although we were pleased to be able to offer them, because of their size, weight and price they were not very popular, however we continue to develop our relationship with our new manufacturer and who knows? Maybe we will introduce more size options in the future".

It's obvious talking with Mandy and Jonathan that quality and attention to detail is still their highest priority, all the more evident when you see the lengths they've gone to in securing and adding new personalised items to their range.

I've had a sneak peek at just some of those new items being made available very soon and that commitment to quality is evident. I'm looking forward to ordering a Victorian Map Jigsaw of our home postcode myself.

It looks like a fabulous time ahead for customers of Fabulous Photo Gifts.

Mandy and Jonathan were talking to Karyn Milner of All Things Local.

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