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Friday, May 15, 2009

The 'Cream' of Double Glazing

In an idle moment of web browsing (around midnight last night - honestly, the Fabulous Photo Gifts office has been that busy), we were intrigued to come across this little piece about cream coloured upvc double glazing.

5 Star Windows (in Kidderminster) offer a range of cream coloured windows and doors and very nice they look to.

Remember when you could only get white? Wood grain 'effect' light oaks and dark cherry finishes quickly became favourites when they were introduced.

Nowadays of course, we accept these as the norm' and some window manufacturers now offer what they refer to as 'foil finishes' - wood grain effect in a 'white' frame.

So if you're thinking of replacing your windows or doors soon, remember you don't have to settle for just white anymore.

"cream window picture courtesy of 5 Star Windows"

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