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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Make a fashion statement on Twitter - SEO article

Make more than just a fashion statement on Twitter - seo article

If you're using Twitter for any kind of commercial aspect - whether you're a large corporation, or a one-man adsense marketeer, the one thing you should be doing is customising your Twitter page with a 'branded' background.

Why should I change my background? What's wrong with a standard Twitter background?

The problem with standard Twitter backgrounds is they are just that. Thousands of other users will be using the same background and because information is minimal in your bio, there isn't enough to distinguish you from the crowd and make your Twitter page memorable.

Changing your background image means you can put more information in front of your Twitter page visitors (who'll hopefully be so impressed with your background they'll become followers - without seeing what you actually 'tweet' about (a tweet is a single post or comment you make on Twitter).

If you build your background image around your corporate look, and then change font and sidebar colours to suit, you should end up with a distinctive and professional Twitter home page like ours - http://twitter.com/fabphotogifts.

Now doesn't that look better?

P.S Oh and get yourself an avatar image as well - it's well documented that no-one likes following 'blank' avatars. Why not make our logo your avatar like this Twitterer - http://twitter.com/priceengines

(photo credit uaeincredible)

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