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Thursday, May 21, 2009

NEW - Personalised Office Mug - Never get the wrong drink again

Miracle of miracles, wonder of wonders. Now you'll never have to endure another drink that's the wrong shade, sweetness or even the wrong drink altogether.

Those clever people at Fabulous Photo Gifts have introduced the personalised Office Mug.

And it's so simple to get the right drink every time.... simply order our new Office Mug - personalise the front 'coffee house' design with your name (so they now who's drink it is) - then personalise the back of the mug with your preferred drink. 3 individual spaces to spell out the perfect cuppa from the following options:

Tea, Herbal Tea, Decaf Tea, Coffee, Decaf Coffee, Hot Chocolate

No Milk, Little Milk, Milk, Milky, Very Milky, Soya Milk

No Sugar, 1 Sugar, 2 Sugars (up to 5 Sugars)

So utter "it's wet and warm" no more and look forward to a drink exactly the way you like it - every time!

Did we mention our 10oz Office Mug is dishwasher safe? Delivery is normally 10 days and costs just £9.99 +p&p. Visit Fabulous Photo Gifts now order one for yourself (or a colleague).

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