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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blankie Bear personalised childs comforter and photo placemats new shop buttons - shiny!

Yes - we have some shiny new shop buttons on the Fabulous Photo Gifts website - take a look.

Although it was a popular item for children, we were always unhappy with how the personalised Blankie Bunny was shown on the shop page button, so we've given it a massive makeover to: a) show the large scale of the actual bear by showing a child cuddling one of them and b) by showing a separate picture of the popular bear option.

Whilst we were in button frame of mind, we got around to updating our ever popular personalised photo place mats and serving mats shop button with some updated product specification - all place mats and serving mats come with a baize backing and not cork backing as was previously stated on the shop button.

We hope you find our new buttons useful and descriptive.

Fabulous Photo Gifts.

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