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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

We must Communicate - seo article

It seems you can hardly click on a news website or trip over a social marketeer without hearing about Twitter or 'social networking' these days.

Whilst some will be yawning, others think its the greatest thing since sliced wholemeal bread - you know, the one with the seeds on top.

But what does it all mean?

In a nutshell, it means that website owners, bloggers and social commentators - in fact anyone who has a website (whether that's an online business like Fabulous Photo Gifts) or a private individual, blog or participates on Twitter and Facebook etc want to talk to you ... and want you to talk back.

It's never been easier to leave a comment or post a reply - there's a multitude of 'instant share links' available and any savvy webmaster or blogger will offer you numerous ways to share or comment on what they're saying via your favourite platform.

What's in it for them?
Not only the warm fuzzy feeling you get from knowing someone thought the words you'd slaved over were worthy enough of reading in the first place (akin to wetting yourself in a dark suit - it gives you a nice warm feeling but nobody else notices).

But also, the opportunity to engage with readers, consumers or customers across the globe in ways like they never could have dreamed of before.

What's in it for you?
Not only the truth that you've made someone's day or by passing something you've read on to your own 'community' you might actually enlighten someone else's day. Dare we suggest it might even be helpful sometimes?

No! The other really important aspect of being allowed to comment is that it allows an instant two-way correspondence to take place with the writer. If you want more information, you can ask there and then. Don't understand a point raised? Disagree? Then commenting is for you.

Of course, if that topic catches other readers attention, then a public comment 'conversation' is suddenly enriched by others.

Not forgetting that your 'storyboard' of a conversation will be available for others to review and learn from at a later date.

If the Internet is all about finding information, then the new 'social explosions' are all about sharing what you've found out with others.

Whether you're a Twitterer, Blogger or webmaster - go share!

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