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Thursday, June 18, 2009

New website design for Compass Distribution brings back Ice Hockey memories...

Having just finished a new web design for my friend Alan Fenn at Compass Distribution, whilst updating the news page with a new Sheffield Steelers team picture (pictured with Alan and the ice hockey league cup), bought to mind a more recent visit as a guest of Alan to watch a Steeler's game.

The 'problem' had arisen during the run up to the first interval - Alan had promised to provide two 'guests' from his VIP box to take part in an organised hampster ball race across the ice.

Basically, you don gloves and protective pads and helmets, get zipped up in a man size plastic beach ball and have to roll yourself to the half way line and back.

Sounds easy except that you're on ice so you quickly fall over and realise that the only way to move is by a 'lolloping crawl'.

So there's much hilarity both outside and inside the ball as you quickly loose all sense of direction and where the opponent is in relation to you. Plus you soon start exerting yourself - misting up the ball etc and then comes the panic as you begin to run out of usable breathable air.

So as a guest, I felt almost duty bound to help Alan out and step in at the last minute as a contestant.

It was a great laugh, extremely tough and quite an experience. An heroic feat I've regaled family and friends with since - and now you.

If you ever get the chance to have a go then do.

Alan is a big fan of the Sheffield Steelers and as their long time trusted partner for delivering all their direct marketing leaflets etc, continues to support the team both on and off the ice.

Compass Distribution provide direct marketing, leaflet and magazine distribution and delivery services to companies and individuals in the UK. Based in Sheffield, they currently have distribution contracts in over 14 counties and the list of city, town and area names reads like the largest rock tour t-shirt you ever saw.

Alan and his distribution team can be contacted via their new website - http://www.compassdistribution.co.uk

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