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Friday, September 18, 2009

Helping the writer of the 83rd best politics blog in the UK

Look who just got a mention by the writer of the blog, which has been voted the 83rd best politics blog in the UK, according to the Total Politics Top 100 blogs survey.... and who is attending a big award ceremony in Bournemouth this Sunday...

Taken from Stuart Sharpe - Sharpe's Opinion

"Lastly, thanks to some very last minute arrangements with Jonathan at Fabulous Photo Gifts I may even be able to wear a tee shirt featuring my much-loved strawberry logo. Everyone else will be recognising each other by their Twitter avatars, now (hopefully) you’ll be able to recognise me by mine."

Thank you Stuart for that glowing endorsement - you shall go to the ball - your t-shirt is under the press as we speak. Good luck at the awards on Sunday.

If you need a photo gift in a hurry, why not drop us a line. We may be able to help - we'll certainly always try to be as helpful as possible.

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