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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fund Raising made easy with Fabulous Photo Gifts

When we sat down and thought long and hard about starting a fundraising scheme that schools, clubs, groups and charities would really use and benefit from, we came up with a shortlist of key features:

1) The scheme had got to be incredibly easy to administer for the schools, groups etc.
2) The rewards had got to be worthwhile a school, group etc taking part.
3) There should be no time limits or restrictions on use.

The result - Funds for Life! A ground-breaking fund raising scheme that any school, group or charity etc can take part in, raising much needed funds for their individual 'good causes' without any complications or form filling. You can earn 20% commission on all qualifying gift orders (certain gifts are excluded from the scheme), for each and every order.

That's £1 for every £5 you spend!

Here's how Funds for Life works:

Your school, group or charity etc contacts Fabulous Photo Gifts for your FREE info pack and 'membership' number.

We send you a few sheets of information about the scheme, what gifts are included etc and a poster/flyer for you to fill in with your own 'scheme member number'.

That's it! You're up and running.

Now all you have to do is remind parents, members etc to use the code whenever they need a gift for someone on our website.

They simply type in your member code once they've finished personalising their items before proceeding to checkout.

We get the order and send you the commission earned on that order to your specified bank account.

There's no time limits or limits on the amount of orders we'll accept - it really is funds for life. All you've got to do is keep reminding your parents or members with your regular newsletters and communiques.

If you've got a website or blog, we can supply a FREE banner (to your size specs) for you to encourage even more people to use your code. Just contact us if you need a banner making.

Funds for LIfe - earn 20% commission on every qualifying order your members or families (and their friends and families - spread the word) place with Fabulous Photo Gifts.

Why are we being so generous?
Well we've got 5 children ourselves between us and we've served on numerous fund raising committee's and PTA's etc so we know hard it can be to raise funds in a way that doesn't involve any work and will work all year round.

Click here to find out more about our brilliant fund raising scheme.

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