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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mary's Wedding

Meet Mary - a typical photo gift customer.

The following is based on a true customer order.

Mary is getting married next month. Everything's booked, the invitations are coming back in nicely and the honeymoon flight tickets arrived in the post this morning. Everyone is getting very excited.

That includes her two little nephews who are going to be pageboys. They've promised to be on their best behaviour but Mary's worried that when it comes to the speeches, they'll soon get fed up of 'sitting quietly'.

Luckily, her chief bridesmaid suggested Fabulous Photo Gifts and getting both boys a personalised wooden jigsaw puzzle which they can unwrap before the speeches and build whilst the speeches are taking place.

Luke loves motorbikes and there's a great picture of him sitting on Uncle Steve's motorbike - that'll make a brilliant jigsaw picture. Mark's more into his pets so his Mum secretly took a picture of his hamsters in their cage - won't he be surprised?

Mary got her nephews photographs and went online to Fabulous Photo Gifts, chose our 30 piece medium wooden jigsaws and personalised them with the two photographs.

We received Mary's order and had the order printed and pressed and in the post that week.

Mary was delighted with her jigsaws - so much so that she wrote us a short email thanking us and telling us who the jigsaws were intended for and her idea for the wedding.

Fabulous Photo Gifts - not just for Christmas and Birthdays.

photo credit: neate photos

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