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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vote for Value - Vote for Fabulous Photo Gifts

General Elections can drag on a bit - all those grey politicians dodging every direct question fired at them.

Luckily, there is an alternative (and we're not referring to Nick Clegg either) - Vote for Fabulous Photo Gifts!

A vote for us is a vote for quality - a vote for hand printed - a vote for human optimisation of your photo for the best result possible.

Are we going to increase taxes? No - but we do promise to keep doing what you love best - striving to exceed your expectations time after time.

To tempt you to vote - we're offering our popular fabric personalised photo mousemat at the incredibly low price of just £4.95 a saving of £2!

Here's what one recent 'voter' had to say about our performance...

"I received your coasters today and just wanted to thank you and say they are great. Like I said earlier this week, I feel gulty all the effort you went to." R.B.

p.s you don't have wait until May 6th to place an order - we're open 24/7 via our website where you can choose and personalise the perfect gift online. How's that for a pledge? Click here to visit Fabulous Photo Gifts now.

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