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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where to find out which franchises, catalogue sales or party plan companies are recruiting in your area

In case you hadn't noticed, there's been a quiet revolution taking place amongst those that work from home.

Many direct sales companies - companies like Betterware, Avon, Kleeneze and the Body Shop have found a willing and able workforce amongst suburbia, especially as the country found itself in the grip of the recent recession.

Each and every person that works, delivering catalogues and taking orders / running a franchise has their own reason for choosing to earn this way. Sometimes, it's the convenience of being able to work at hours to suit you, fitting your time around family commitments like school, holidays or when the children are off ill.

For some, it's the opportunity to be their own boss - the freedom to excel and build their earnings as they devote more time to their particular brands / catalogue sales.

For others, it's the chance to indulge a passion for a particular hobby or interest and turn that into a fun way to also make a little bit (or a lot) of spare cash.

And it's not restricted to just delivering a few catalogues around your neighbourhood.

Party plans have been around for ages, but they too are seeing a resurgence of interest as new products, including high street names like The Body Shop, explore ways of increasing their market shares.

One of the biggest problems for people looking to earn a second or main income this way has been finding out exactly what products and companies there are available in their area.

However, a new service has just been launched by Private Eye Services, which aims to provide you with a no fuss access to all the direct marketing and franchising companies with opportunities in your area, via their online website PrivateEyeService.co.uk

It's very straightforward to use, simply visit the website, enter your address / contact details and then tick the products / area you're interested in delivering / marketing for.

You can choose from Automotive, Babies & Childcare Jobs, Beauty & Cosmetic, Clothing & Fashion, Cooking, Educational & Books, Energy, Finance, Franchise specific, Giftware, Health & Fitness, Household Products, Party Planning, Telecom & IT.

Some franchises require a startup investment and you can even select the amount (if any) you're prepared to invest.

So if you've been thinking about how useful a second income could be - saving towards a holiday, car or home improvement or simply making your everyday life less stressful, or turning your spare time into a full time job with the security of a national product behind you, then you really ought to take a look at Private Eye Service.

It takes just a few minutes to register your interest and mark your preferences. It's completely without obligation, but it will enable you to find out about all the direct marketing / catalogue sales / franchise opportunities in your area.

Click here to visit Private Eye Service website now.

P.S Private Eye Services haven't forgotten the companies offering direct selling and franchise opportunities…. If you have a direct selling or franchise opportunity then we'd like to know. Contact us with your details at Private Eye Service.co.uk - companies click here.

*please note these are non-affiliated links. Fabulous Photo Gifts cannot vouch for Private Eye Service nor any of the companies they may recommend to you / put you in contact with. Any agreements entered into are entirely between you and the marketing company concerned / Private Eye Service.

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