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Monday, January 24, 2011

Public Transport does make financial sense - part 3


You'll recall I wrote the other week, lamenting the cost of public transport between our new home of Buxton and Derby where I work in the imaginatively entitled 'Public transport doesn't make financial sense'.

See here: http://purple13.blogspot.com/2011/01/public-transport-just-doesn-make.html

A couple of interesting updates for you.

Firstly, my car was written off during the Christmas holidays (it was parked but the 3rd party swerved to avoid a cat and 'totalled' the side of my car).

So I've been forced to use the bus.

I phoned the local bus depot and enquired about their fares - the cheapest I was told was a Zig Zag plus which allows unlimited travel on Trent buses all day - cost £10.00

I was told there weren't any cheaper fare options.

Fair enough I thought - £10 a day, about what I would have spent on petrol - just an extra half hour on the journey each way and a 20 minute walk at the end to where I work.

However, here's the best bit - when I went to use the bus for the first time (an evening home journey after my car had been collected by the repair assessor), I was offered a two trip ticket priced at £8.50 (providing the 2nd journey is on another day).

But wait there's more! Yes, after seeing another passenger use a Frio (ten trip ticket that gives you 3 extra journeys free), I enquired of the driver and yes, they are offered too (despite what the depot chap had said) so I am now the proud owner of a Frio ticket - priced £47.00. That makes each journey a bargain at just £3.62 (rounded up).

Now that's more like it.

Allday saver, 2 trip and Frio tickets are all available to buy from the driver at the time of making your first journey.

*Please note these are NON affiliate links and information. Prices correct as of 22nd January 2011 - Advise you check with your driver or depot before assuming these costs / journey times are still available.

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