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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

How not to make a 'How to' video for replacing a Smeg dishwasher handle.

A few months ago, I blogged how I'd had to replace the inner handle and lock /n catch mechanism on our Smeg Dishwasher, and the steps I'd taken, including identifying the correct replacement parts from those helpful chappy's at ESpares (read the full blog post here).


At the time, I lamented the fact that despite viewing ESpares well produced video how-to, I couldn't get my door to close and it was obvious that the plastic inner handle I'd replaced wasn't seated correctly.


Now if you've ever owned or used a Haynes Manual for work on your car, you'll know that very often, the picture you really need is the one that's never there, and the most simple of steps doesn't get omitted but rather glossed over like it's natural that it should just fit etc.


So was the case with my Dishwasher handle replacement.


Now you could get to thinking that you're the only one dumb enough to let this happen to - I'm not un-intelligent (at least not in my eyes and those of closest family - ha ha), but seemingly 'simple tasks' can take on all the complexity of building your own nuclear reactor.


However, a comment left by a fellow struggler reveals that I'm not alone in the universe (and therefore neither are you) when it comes to struggling with in-animate objects.


Here's what he had to say:


"I had the right part and found the eSpares video, but couldn't get it to fit until I read this.  Well done for posting it, and thank goodness for the Tinterwebthingy." 


Thank you Nick for that ringing endorsement and confirmation that I wasn't going stark raving mad.


So to anyone producing a 'how-to' video or series of photographs, a tip. You've got to treat us all like idiots, don't gloss over the seemingly obvious and make sure you get lots of close-ups from different angles. In short - spell it out.


I must add that ESpares were very good and actually used my original blog post where I detailed how i'd repaired my Smeg dishwasher handle and lock, using spares I'd identified and purchased from them with the minimum of fuss. In fact they were all helpfulness - and I can't recommend them enough.


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