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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Whether your school is holding an Easter egg hunt for the pupils, or your local Pre-School / Nursery or Infant class is making Easter birds nests or other Easter themed crafts, then I've had a tasty idea.

Mini chocolate eggs, which are available in mixed foil colours and bulk bags.

The Chocolate Trading Company has a mouth-watering selection of mini chocolate eggs, just right for your Easter egg hunt or other Easter themed event.

And if you're holding an Easter competition, then their gift wrapped bags of Easter novelties - Bunnies & Chicks - Chocolate Bunny lollys or their selection of premium dark and milk chocolate Easter eggs all make superb, fun gift present ideas for children of all ages.

Having previously been a helper at a local village Pre-School, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to source the right items at the right price without having to commit yourself to 1000's of eggs in one order. Once again, the Chocolate Trading Company have made it extremely easy to order minimal quantities of their mini-eggs and other novelties. You can even order some items without gift packaging - why pay for what you don't need?

And with their bags of mixed colour foil covered eggs, it's easy to put together a great, colourful collection of delicious Easter eggs, without the hassle of having to order large quantities of each colour, to mix yourself.

Of course, if you are looking for larger quantities, then you'll find you can order single foil colours in bags of 100 and 635 eggs!

So take my advice and take the hassle out of sourcing Easter eggs and other chocolate novelties for your Easter themed School or social event and visit the Chocolate Trading Company's website for loads of Easter egg and other scrumptious gift ideas.

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