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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Article - Newspapers versus the Web

Driving back from Cambridge on the Bank Holiday, I tuned into Radio 2 and came across a discussion about the viability of newspapers with the availability of news and comment on the Internet.

There were many comments by text, phone etc for and against the idea that newspapers were a ‘dying breed’.

It struck me as drove along that both sides were missing the point slightly.

Most newspaper content may be available online, however, having discussed this with others, there is something tangible about a newspaper that will probably ensure its survival, albeit, in a reduced capacity that may well see some familiar publications cease.

Newspapers will still be with us, more as a social function than for any other reason and that’s probably reason enough.

However, it’s not to difficult to imagine in the next couple of decades, with advances in flat screen technology and wireless connectivity that very soon, we could be holding a piece of plastic, no bigger or thicker than an ice-cream tub lid that will be a fully portable ‘hand-top’. Then sitting in the garden, enjoying a morning coffee will be even easier, when one doesn’t have to battle with the morning breeze every 5 seconds.

How are newspapers to combat their slow demise? My suggestion would be to embrace rather than shun these new technologies – something most publications have already started – but push their advance into mainstream society rather than keep hoping customers will keep buying the printed product.

Because the technology is so cheap to set up and maintain, why don’t newspapers think about live broadcasts – particularly local evening newspapers, where advance notice to a reader base of ‘broadcast’ times is easily achieved. People will log on if there is enough reason for them to do so.

Newspapers versus the Web? At the moment I think there is room enough for both. Complacency may well prove the ultimate undoing of many newspapers. They are a business like any other, whether that’s a DIY store or a local artist like Mandy Collins. How we embrace these new methods of communicating with our public, and make it even easier for them to access the information or goods they seek in as quick a time as possible will be the yardstick of success.

Purple 13 has already started using these new platforms to reach and inform its customers ensuring the online future of artist Mandy Collins. RSS feeds and Blog’s that are constantly updated, a dedicated News Page and Guestbook facility all designed with keeping you informed, in mind.

Purple 13 Webmaster

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